The Stonecutter

I cut at this stone
some relief

its trapped
the figure tight
needs to be released

as I gouge
moves its hands
opens its eyes
stretches the mouth
bares its teeth

deeper I gash
into the stone
it can scream in agony
the more relief is shown

it is still trapped
can’t stretch its arms
can’t break the tether
to free its legs
and run

face contorted in pain
held in place
demanding to be free
begging me to let it go

so much work to do
I dig further into the stone
straining, sweating, crying
so much work to do

deeper, yet deeper still
the further I go
the harder the stone

it won’t let go
looking for the heart
I finally find it

her head is free
her arms
her legs
they struggle, pushing
against the strong hold of the stone
thrashing, screaming for freedom

I make the last cuts
finally free
the figure looks at me
no longer a relief

what to do
standing on her own
where to go

returns to the stone
for relief
the stone is cold
it rejects her

doesn’t belong anymore
did she ever

she backs away

from the mother
unfamiliar now
wasn’t it always
looking at her home
the heart
doesn’t fit anymore
did it ever

knows too much
can’t return
turns her back
new beginnings
new life

searching for
the stonecutter
who set her

to thank
no one
only her

brings her hands up
gripping a chisel